Shifting To a Sustainable Global Economy – One Trillion Dollars At a Time

Living Economy Salon with Ed Keebler

Location: The Wellness Living Store 1412 14th St, Santa Monica, California 90404

Date: Thursday, November 1st 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Sustainability advocates think they have the lazarus chamber for people, profit and planet – so why is the specter of disaster still looming over the global economy?

Join Greg Wendt in a discussion with Edward Keebler, Chief Executive of DEA Enterprises Inc., for an evening of humorous and interesting stories that are sure to change the way you think about sustainability, economics and your role in both.

Ed Keebler is Chief Executive of DEA Enterprises Inc.  Founded in 1999, this boutique consultancy provides fix-term or a la carte contract services to businesses, governments, industry bodies, non-profits and NGOs.
Ed’s provides consulting services in sustainability, triple-bottom-line economics, economic policy – fiscal/monetary, trade promotion, trade policy, capital sourcing, marketing, market entry strategies, capability development, strategic initiatives and strategic partnerships, strategic differentiation, market arbitrage, multi-horizon scoping and planning.
The company’s sectors of focus are specialized manufacturing, ICT, food-fiber-agribusiness-aquaculture, bio-medical/bio-technology, nanotechnology, and clean-tech.

Ed’s personal and company goals are:
–    To continuously demonstrate a deep commitment to learn, gain wisdom and improve as a “response-able” global citizen – regardless of achievement, age or pursuits.
–    To engage in challenging and rewarding work that honors my employer, my family and my community.
–    To have a positive, enduring impact on the lives of the under-served, under-represented, persecuted and the economically challenged, regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender or religion.
–    To envision, produce and facilitate significant system wide solutions to several of the vast and intricate geo-political and socio-economic issues facing the entire global community.
–    To leave a lasting legacy of significant contributions which improved and protected the world for successive generations.

Link to DEA Enteriprises Inc.

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