Crypto/Blockchain: What now?

DATE: Thursday November 30, 2017

LOCATION: The Satellite Flexible Workspace 3110 Main St., Annex Building C 2nd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90405

TIME: 6:30-7:30 Please arrive early for brief NETWORKING and snacks
7:30 Conversation with COMMUNITY MEMBERS Followed by 
Q & A, snacks and networking! (we will wrap it up by 9:30)

COST: $10 (donation for location and snacks)

Living Economy Salon returns!

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Ed Keebler! (Plus two of our regulars…) This time we will have a deep dive talk with our special guest Ed Keebler, after we begin with two brief speeches from David Lightman and John Hanecek, allowing time for an inclusive group discussion following the talk.
ED KEEBLER: Topic: Migrating from the waste of techno-finance anarchy to the next wave of alternative value exchanges frameworks that support real placed based economic development. By learning the lessons, and evaluating the shortcomings, of the current crypto confidence game, we can create the financial democratization that crypto libertarians strive for.
BIO: Edward Keebler is a Partner at Living Economy Advisors (LEA) and Co-Founder of Food Shed Project LLC.
Through his work at LEA, Edward and his team are working to redefine rational action in business, governance and capital markets. Edward has specific interest in accelerating the regenerative economy by supporting disruptors and innovators via a blend of traditional business consulting, market intelligence and resource connectivity.
DAVID LIGHTMAN: the founder of the Radical Decentralization group will speak briefly on “Decentralization”
JOHN HANECEK: “Thermodynamic economics, optimization and how to war-game an abstract system in a physical world ”
-I want to touch on the fact that solving a crypto hash uses time/space/energy and connect the abstract realm of math to the more tangible realm of physics to help the group make informed decisions about how to pick their systems based on how physically intensive the computations are. Moreover I need to help people understand there are some core themes of physical reality that can be exploited to centralize systems which claim to be distributed. I intend to instill a sense to others of how to look at computer networks as grounded in physical reality so they can use some natural reasoning to make inferences about how they might evolve.
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