Living Economy Salon: OPEN MIC NIGHT!

Date: Tuesday, December 18th : 6-10pm

LOCATION: The HUB LA 830 Traction Ave #3A Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Living Economy Salon is hosting our first ever OPEN MIC NIGHT for our year end Holiday Party! You’ve heard from us all year, now we’d like to hear from you!

Tell us: Who are you and what is your work? Your passion? What inspires you about sustainability and the new economy? What would you like to share with us or learn more about? Who are you interested in networking with and what resources and skills are you looking for?

LES: Open Mic Night Speaker List

Here it is folks! A list of our fabulous Open Mic Night Speakers and the links they provided for us to look in to their subjects in more depth…

*Will and enter “bemoreproductive” as the invitation code


*Seth Wilson– Cycles, Society and Community

Projects for any community:

Street painting and urban permaculture

East Baltimore Day of Play and Cardboard Challenge

Community brownfield repair

Chicago’s Food Crisis: Growing Home

Community Kitchens

West Town Bikes


*Kevin Arthofer + Geoff Shively Capture: Environmental Design : portfolio


*Chris Durian– “Generative Economic models” , “Capital as Friend.” For those interested in the Generative Ownership Design model, here are a couple useful links. The basics are laid out in the prologue which can be read by following the first link. The second is the book publisher’s link.


*Jane Park – The School of Open ( is a joint project co-led by Creative Commons and the Peer 2 Peer University to develop and offer free online educational courses on the meaning and impact of “openness” in the digital age and its benefit to creative endeavors, education, research, and more. We are currently seeking volunteers (individuals or orgs) to help build this effort, which is set to launch in March 2013.


*Sharon Porter– is gathering collaborators to move this information forward, . or  310-821-8212 to get on her mailing list for talks, workshops and training.  See Free Articles on her web site for Sharon’s own story about  her breast lump and some good treatments for breast health and the immune system. Her healing modalities are described in “Sharon’s Brochure”.    She has also added a new modality, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE),  She teaches TRE in private sessions and to groups.  Collaborators needed for the Bras project include Project Manager, Documentary Filmmaker for  a Research Project, Finance, Clothing Design, Publicity, Medical connections, Celebrities, and all manner of social media/web design/webinars.


*Jenn Reed


*Mike Flannery-what it really means to be a “renaissance man”


*Ray Podder-NOW


*Rob Dew-Occupy Venice Film Series


*Alexandra Mason-Imagination Activation and creating new world

Creating a new vision, new dream for our modern world is the big question of our time and focus of community work by Pachamama Alliance:

Gathering together for the purpose of co-creating our new world is also the focus of Creating Our New World program:

Author Neville has laid down his framework for seeing power of our imagination in action, and it is still very applicable now several decades later:


*Amy Clarke– Gaia Grove initiative, building community, co-ops, sharing resources, weaving healthy webs, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Outreach.  “helping heal the earth”


*Munir Jawed

TechCrunch article:

KokoChé – Launching in East LA where it was hatched, KokoChé is a Smartphone app that connects communities to hyperlocal, real-time offers from local merchants.  Our mission is to create a bridge of access to streaming information that is useful and user-friendly for both residents and local merchants in any neighborhood, regardless of location or income level. 

At the tap of the Smartphone, merchants can instantly boost business during slow hours, reduce excess inventory, and create instant awareness for new products and services, all the while adapting to local preferences and growing a client base.  On the mobile app, customers have instant access, through impulse buttons (e.g. “Feed Me,” “Fill My Cup,” “Under $1,”) to real-time savings on food, health + wellness, style + beauty, entertainment, clothing, and more, all within earshot of their current locations.

The KokoChé experience is frictionless for both consumers and merchants; consumers can sign up and access deals without credit cards or prepayment, while merchants keep 100% of sales and control 100% of their postings.    KokoChé strengthens bonds between local businesses and their communities, and strives to keep money local by boosting the outreach efforts of small businesses.  When you use KokoChé, you support local businesses in Los Angeles.  Keep money local.  Tap into local.


*Eric Rothenberg :

URSULA Project | A Simple Standard


*Ron Schultz

Book: “Creating Good Work” edited by Ron Schultz, order at use code “XP356ED” to save 20%


*Raleigh Waller and Arghavan Sadeghi

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