Awakening the Age of Abundance: Simple Strategies for a Prosperous Planet

Living Economy Salon with Ray Podder

Location: The Wellness Living Store 1412 14th St, Santa Monica, California 90404

Date: Wednesday, September 26th 7:00pm to 10:00pm

There is a new awareness in the atmosphere. From accelerating open sourced innovation for community independence, to reinventing renewable resource based economics, we are witnessing a shift in the way we are solving for sustainability. We already have the tools. The next solutions are not about tools at all. They are simply new ways of using what we are already doing to redefine value for the next abundant age. This talk is about those ideas. Simple ideas we can act on now. Ideas that can change the tools we now use for destructive self gratification into a truly sustainable and gratifying future for all of us.

Ray is a designer in the truest sense of the word. He has been solving seemingly difficult and complex systemic level challenges with elegant solutions over a 20+ year career.

He is the author of ONE, a book about open sourcing our distributed renewable energy independence. To execute on that vision, he is incubating on and offline platforms through GROW to accelerate innovation in this space with key partners from aerospace, permaculture and industrial design. The first effort on the ground is called BETTER. BETTER open sources advanced design and engineering of integrated permaculture technologies for food, water and energy sovereignty. BETTER, FORM, TRUE and more are the start of new platforms, products, physical labs and digital services that are designed to empower us and our communities to co-create our own energy and economic resilience.

Prior to GROW, his creative leadership has been instrumental in creating some of the most utilized social platforms and marketplaces on the web. He has conceived and architected numerous consumer and enterprise level applications, most recently in the smart energy and electric mobility space, including the integrated energy efficiency portal for State of California.

Ray also is a member of the GreenEconomy Think Tank, and connected into the emerging New Economic and Sustainability space. He’s a featured speaker and panelist on several upcoming initiatives like F3 and ExtremeFutureFest, sharing his vision and co-creative work for a better world ahead.

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