Tools for Building a New Earth: Slow Money, Complementary Currencies, Creating the New World

Event Held on Wednesday May 2nd

At the Wellness Living Store

This panel will feature three individuals joining us from the east coast, Christopher Lindstrom, Kyra Pinchera and Nancy Polend who have been spending the last few years envisioning and designing new models for community, economic, environmental resilience. As the world moves faster and faster toward a large assortment of synchronized planetary crises, more and more people throughout the world are asking not how we might avoid these crises, but how we might weather the storm: how can we become more resilient in the face of unprecedented change? The necessary transformation that must occur is not only a life boat, but a gateway to a new stage of human evolution—the literal creation of a new world, entirely different then the one we currently inhabit. In this panel, Chris, Kyra and Nancy will talk about their respective insights and initiatives, including the emerging story of inter-dependence, the transformation of money—through programs Slow Money and complementary currencies, the transition from the “oil economy” to the “solar and soil economy,” and blueprints as well as new web-based platforms for building interconnected, thriving, resilient communities throughout the world.

About the Panel:

KYRA KRISTOF: As EarthEcho International’s first Director of Learning, Kyra Kristof has played a critical role in shaping the vision of EarthEcho’s programs that promote and support sustainability in society. In addition to her work with EarthEcho International, Ms. Kristof consults with a wide range of organizations on program development and digital strategy. She is particularly passionate about sustainable food and agriculture issues and is the Co-Founder of Pollin8r. Before meeting the Cousteaus and beginning her own personal journey of understanding how everything she does makes a difference, Ms. Kristof was dedicated to the field of arts in education, developing programs and products that used learning experiences in the arts to meet the complex needs of communities and educational systems domestically and abroad. Ms. Kristof holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

CHRISTOPHER LINDSTROM: Chris Lindstrom is a board member of Slow Money and co-founder of the Fund for Complementary Currencies. He has organized numerous conferences and events around the transformation of money and is particularly motivated by the holistic redirection of money into sustainability, culture, and consciousness. Chris worked for the E.F. Schumacher Society from 2003 to 2008, spearheading the launch of “BerkShares,” the local currency of the Southern Berkshires in Massachusetts, referenced innumerable times in international press as a model for communities world-wide.


NANCY POLEND: Biography:

Creating the New World web site:
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