Be the Change: How Communities Take Their Power Back

Event held on Tuesday April 17th

At the Wellness Living Store


On this evening, Greg and Hollis will facilitate a discussion with Anneke Campbell. Anneke will be speaking on the book she co-wrote with the visionary lawyer Thomas Linzey, called “Be the Change”, about the work of five different communities who passed local laws returning to residents the right to decide what happens in their own homes and environments. There is currently a movement in Santa Monica to adopt a “Sustainability Bill of Rights”, which if passed, would give us the power to protect our environment and create a truly local and sustainable economy.

Anneke Campbell

Anneke Campbell, born and raised in The Netherlands, came to America at 17 and has worked as a midwife, nurse, yoga teacher, professor of English literature and composition, poet and scriptwriter. Her first novel, Mary of Bellingham, was published in 2004. She is the co-author (with Thomas Linzey) of Be The Change: How To Get What You Want in Your Community and co-editor (with Nina Simons) of Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, and also co-produces (with Jeremy Kagan) advocacy videos for non-profits.

See her on youtube:

Get the book:

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