Ray Podder: From Bottom Line to Full Circle

Date: Tuesday, November 5th : 6-10pm… (Networking from 6-7:30, PROGRAM STARTS AT 7:30! More time for networking after)

Tickets: $10 (we will have complimentary snacks and beverages for the networking portion of the evening)

LOCATION: Syrup Loft: 939 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Plenty of street parking available)

Get tickets here (or cash at the door): http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8940032879


Our operating systems are obviously failing us. What may not be so obvious, is that the transformative real solutions are actually here right now. The counter intuitive approaches to value creation, intelligent allocation, cashless exchanges and more are not only available now, they are ready technologically and socially to be implemented in the real world. When we broaden our view from the bottom line to the full circle, the next co-creative possibilities for our prosperity multiply. The systemic failures of business, governance, economics are not obstacles, rather the next opportunities in disguise. Transformation is sudden. It is not a lengthy process. As soon as you can see it, you become the change. This talk is about seeing the obvious in front of us, to render a more resilient reality than the one we find ourselves revolting against.


Ray embodies the definition of a designer who is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. Professionally, as an user experience architect and systems thinker, he has been designing and delivering first of a kind creative solutions over a 20+ year career, across industries ranging from socially networked web services to cutting edge genomics medicine. Most recently, he is known for his work as an author and open innovation advocate, co-founding international grass roots movements like NOW, and his benefit enterprise incubator called GROW, set to launch in early 2014. GROW curates the best of breed solutions for full circle economic, environmental and energy systems most relevant to transform existing enterprises from extractive growth to practical evolutionary sustainability.

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